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White Cupolas

White Cupolas

White vinyle cupolas are the “little houses” that sit on the roof of your barn, your home or a Gazebo. While White cupolas are decorative, adding another dimension to your roofs, cupolas also serve as ventilators, allowing air to circulate into and out of your barn or your home.

White vinyl cupolas come in many styles and sizes to meet not only your ventilation requirements, but to please your eye. You might also want to attach a weathervane to your cupola, for an even more interesting, traditional look.

White Vinyl cupolas have several benefits. They are not affected by weather and will never crack or rot. White vinyl cupolas do not require periodic painting or staining as they will never peel. Termites and carpenter ants are not attracted to vinyl cupolas for a tasty snack or a meal. Vinyl cupolas are also lightweight, making installation easy. Vinyl cupolas also have a very long life.

Whether you are building a new house or barn or replacing a worn out cupola, make sure that you take a look at vinyl cupolas before you make your purchase.

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