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Ivory Vinyl Cupolas
Ivory Vinyl Cupolas

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Cupolas are commonly ornamental structures placed atop the roofs of buildings like churches, houses, barns, and gazebos. They are also known as turrets. Cupolas may also act as the majority or whole of the roof itself. Roof cupolas not only function as aesthetic elements; they can also be functional, allowing a pleasant view, providing ventilation, or permitting the passage of light.

The origin of the word "cupola" is Italian, and is based on the phrase "small tub". Ornate cupolas were often placed at the exterior height of cathedral domes. An example of this is the large, detailed cupola atop Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy. Such cupolas can be reached from the interior of the church, providing an excellent vantage point of the surrounding area. From the church's interior, dome cuplas are often ornately decorated with dramatic lighting, gold leaf, and heavenly frecos.

Barn cupolas are commonly much smaller, and square or octagonal in shape. Barn turrets are often slatted to provide ventilation. Traditional barn cupolas are generally composed of several parts: a base, slatted ventilation walls, and a roof with planes that join to form a point. A weather vane is often placed on top. This roof cupola design is also popular with smaller houses and gazebos.

Many choose decorative roof cupolas that provide lighting which shines through glass panes. These cupolas are often refered to as "lanterns".

Roof turrets often have a classic wood construction. Vinyl models are also popular, as they are durable, and their paint is less prone to chipping.

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