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How to pick out an Appropriate Cupola...
Cupola Instalaion example
The main idea behind selecting the right size cupola for your structure is to remember the Roof Line Rule. In the Roof Line Rule, you want to pick 1-1/4” of Cupola base for every foot of unbroken roof line on your structure. The thing to remember is the word “unbroken”.

Take for instance, if the measurement of your rooftop is 30’, than a measurement of 37-1/2” for your base would be acceptable. Experience shows that this rule creates a far more aesthetically pleasing cupola on any building. Although the larger the Cupola, the higher the price; if a Cupola is to small it is very unattractive. We recommend going one to two sizes bigger if your able to, especially if your roof has significant height.

At Guide to Cupolas.com we have you in mind we construct our cupolas. All of our Cupolas come fabricated specifically for easy installation of weathervanes. That means no roof mounts or any additional hardware. Just a hand saw, screwdriver and some silicone caulk.

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