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Vinyl Castle Cupolas
Vinyl Castle Cupolas

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The general definition for this term is something like ‘a small ornamental structure placed atop a dome or a roof’. While its origins have to do with rounded, decorative objects, today the word may refer to a structure of almost any size or shape that tops a building like an architectural explanation point. Roof or barn cupolas may be small, square, roofed structures themselves that are louvered to provide ventilation.

There are a variety of styles available for today's new structure or remodel. Some have square, peaked roofs, some are domed. The louvers can be simply mounted horizontally or may be built into structures that look like domed shutters.

Cupolas can be large enough to be structural additions to a house or building themselves. A ‘’belvedere’ is a cupola usually on the roof of a substantial house that acts as a small lookout point. Usually square in structure, sometimes they will have windows rounded across the top to break up the angled architectural form of the structure

On older structures, a cupola may have been a structure atop a church or other public structure designed for mounting a lantern or light, or to provide ventilation to the structure below. Cupolas remain popular additions to the roofs of new public buildings designed with an eye towards architectural tradition. Cupolas can range from small decorative additions to homes or ventilators for barns to functional structural additions to houses and public buildings both past and present. The key architectural component of a cupola is its decorative, topping-off touch whether decorative or functional, past or present.

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