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Governor Cupola
Cupolas were developed to provide ventilation and light for buildings while keeping rain and moisture out. You can see cupolas in the shapes of domes on churches and public buildings. In fact, the word “cupola” is derived from a word meaning “little dome.” Cupolas on barns and houses usually resemble miniature houses or sheds. Cupolas also made buildings look more visually attractive, adding another eye-appealing feature to roofs.

Governor Cupola
Hyde Cupola
Manchester Cupola
Presidential Cupola

Today, cupolas are available made from wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Wood cupolas are the cupola of choice for traditionalists. Not only were the “original” barn and home cupolas made from wood, wood cupolas have a look, texture, and feel that no other material that is used to make cupolas can match. If you are looking for a wood cupola, you will be able to find one in many styles. Wood cupolas are available in variations of square, hexagonal, and octagonal shapes. Wood cupolas come in different sizes to meet your ventilation needs. You will also have a choice of copper or aluminum for your wood cupola’s roof. Whether you are building a new home or barn or you are replacing an old cupola, you are sure to find a wood cupola that pleases you.
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