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Richmond Cupola

Richmond Cupola

Cupolas have been traditionally used on buildings to provide ventilation and light. They are not only functional, but decorative as well, adding an extra dimension to roofs to increase their eye appeal. You will find cupolas not only on homes and barns, but on garden architecture such as gazebos.

Cupolas traditionally were made from wood, although you can purchase cupolas made from vinyl or fiberglass today. Wood cupolas have a look and texture with which vinyl or fiberglass cupolas cannot compete. Most wood used in building is softwood, which is easy to use. One of the popular types of softwoods that are used in cupolas today is Cedar.

Cupolas are beautiful. They can be stained or painted according to your desire. The nice thing about redwood cupolas is that if you get tired of their appearance, you can change from stain to paint or paint to stain. Cupolas are available in several styles and sizes to appeal not only to your eye, but to your ventilation needs. Cupolas can be topped with an aluminum or copper roof, according to your taste and your budget.
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