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Cupolas are ornamental structures placed on top of larger domes or roof tops. Throughout history, cupolas have served several functions:

Roof cupolas primarily function as a means for ventilation and air circulation, releasing warm, stagnant air. Larger Cupolas with an open air design were often used as belfries, housing cathedral bells. Many cathedral roof cupolas, were accessible from the interior of the church, and therefore, they were known as belvederes, providing a scenic view of the surrounding land.

Cupolas flourished throughout Italy, and became an architectural symbol of the city of Florence. During the Renaissance and Medieval periods, the cupola was a key feature of the cathedral, and often included ornate details and frescoes on exterior of the domed cupola.

Many barn cupolas have small window panes, which are often illuminated with ambient lighting. Illuminated roof cupolas are known as lanterns. This cupola style can also include ventilation slats.

Barn cupolas are small in comparison to the roofs that they accent. The common barn cupola is constructed of wood, and has between four and eight sides, four being the most popular shape. The cupola has a base, tower, and roof. The sides of the cupola are either glass paneled, or slatted for ventilation. These ventilation slats are known as louvers. The cupola's roof is often shingled or covered with panels, and topped by a traditional weather vane, which exposes the direction of the wind.

Roof cupolas of this type are also placed atop garden gazebos, where their function is purely aesthetic.

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