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Presidential Octangon Cupola

Presidential Octagon Cupola
Presidential Octagon Cupola

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Cupola has the Latin meaning “small caps or dome” and it has been gracing our homes, garden sheds, capital buildings, and religious cathedrals for many centuries. The cupola was first inspired during the Italian renaissance and was an architectural element designed to enhance the look of such elegant cathedrals such as St. Mark’s Basilica in Florence, Italy. It was installed at the highest peak of the church to work as lantern bringing light inside to create an aura of elegance amongst the beautiful paintings of the church.

The most notable cupola in the United States is the White House as it commands a stately look with its asymmetrical appeal to enhance the structure. The dome like sphere of the cupola
emulates the freedom of the United States by adding a grand touch with an elegant flare to the president's home. It is the representation of Democratic freedom and provides a grandiose gesture of being one of the strongest countries in the world.

A cupola on any home can inspire a look and appeal to create an exterior beauty to the outside of your home. The early Victorians once used the Cupola as light and ventilation into their large homes.

It also still provides appeal to many homeowners today that want to enhance the look of their home or garden shed. You can select from a wide variety of cupola that are proportionate to your home creating an asymmetrical appeal and streamlining the outside of your home to look its absolute best.

You have a wide selection of cupola to choose from whether you chose the sturdiness and rich amber color of red cedar wood depending on its durability and weather resistance. Or perhaps by investing a in a cupola with aluminum roof to make add an elegant touch to your home or garden shed. You can select from a variety of cupola that will enhance the form of your home and accentuate its entire look.

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