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Newport Cupola

Newport Cupola

One of the more classical accents for the exterior of the home are Cupolas—a domelike structure that surmounts a roof or dome, often as a lookout or to admit light or air. A cupola expresses the idea of a “small tub”. Like St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, sometimes the whole main roof of a tower or spire can form a single cupola, resulting in a uniquely appealing design.

Newport Cupolas are of the finest craftsmanship, and made from copper and cedar and have simple, clean lines. Newport Cupolas add lasting value to your home.

The word cupola comes from the Latin meaning of “little cupo” or little dome, but we are familiar with the wonderful wooden cupolas or American barns or stables and the elegant cupolas on most public buildings. Many are atop a weathervane to give a classy, American look.

Cupolas have also been very helpful to the barn design, as placing cupolas allow a continuous flow of air, which then dries the hay stored high in the barn. Old Yankee farmers referred to cupolas as “a roof over a hole in the roof.”

There are many wood cedar cupolas in different designs and sizes. The wood cedar Newport has a copper roof that matches the rest of the Newport cupola and slopes up, in triangular shape. The dome sits on a rectangular block of wood, with horizontal panels that allow plenty of air to filtrate. That block of wood then rests on square piece of wood to complete the design.

The Newport cupola will add a stylish accent either standing alone or atop a weathervane and is recommended for a home, large garage or commercial building.

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