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Manchester Cupola

Manchester Cupola
Manchester Cupola

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In architecture, a cupola consists of a dome-shaped ornamental structure, located on a larger roof or dome and is primarily used for letting in light or as a lookout. The word “cupola” comes from the Latin meaning “little cupo” or little dome and originally referred to the small domes that topped cathedrals, which let light to enter the sanctuary.

In some cases, the entire main roof of the tower or spire can form a single cupola, on such places as cathedrals, from ancient Rome, where St. Peter’s Basilica is located, to modern-day mansions. More frequently, the cupola covers a smaller structure that sits atop a roof, such as on a weather vane or church building. If the cupola can be reached by stairs, it is called a belvedere or widow’s walk. Some cupolas, called lanterns, have small windows which illuminate the areas below, giving it a classy, elegant look.
Cupolas gained popularity in Europe towards the end of the 17th century and became all the rage in the mid-eastern United States, after the revolutionary period. At Architectural Depot, there are many wood cupolas to choose from, to fit your copper or aluminum roof. The triangular-shaped Governor Cupola, which slides down on all sides, is a beautiful addition to any roof, as well as the Hyde Park, Hampton and Newport. The Manchester is a flat triangular-shaped wood cupola that can add an elegant style to any homes exterior. The extensive line of Presidential Cupolas combines old wood craftsmanship, as well as new technology to reduce maintenance. At Architectural Depot, cupolas are ready to be shipped to you, for paint or stain, and you’ll always receive the lowest price guaranteed whenever you shop here. Better yet, shipping is free!

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