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Manchester Cupola

Manchester Cupola

Cupolas adorn homes and barns to not only provide ventilation, but to make the buildings’ exterior look more interesting to the eye. Cupolas are available in several styles, such as Newport, Hyde Park, Charleston, and Manchester. A Manchester cupola looks like miniature homes more than other cupola styles.

A Manchester cupola comes in several standard sizes. These sizes range from those with a 17-7/8 width with a 22” height to a 46-1/2” width and a 42” height. Venting areas run from 55 square inches to 386 square inches. With all of these choices, you are sure to be able to find an appropriate Manchester cupola for your home or your barn.

When looking at Manchester cupolas, you will also have a choice between aluminum or copper roofs. Both materials will last a very long time. The choice between aluminum and copper can boil down to personal preference and budget considerations, as copper tends to be more expensive than aluminum.

The right cupola will improve the ventilation in the buildings on your property while making those buildings look more stylish.

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