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Cupolas—small domelike structures that surmount a roof or dome, allowing for air ventilation or as a lookout—have been an integral part of architecture for thousands of years and can add a classical look to any home or building.

Most cupolas are made out of wood, with metal or shingle roofs and have windows or louvers to admit light in and allow hot air to escape. Therefore, cupolas are a pleasing combination of artistic appeal and function.

Many ancient cathedral buildings have cupolas on their roofs and some have the entire main roof as one single cupola.

The Governor Wood cedar cupolas come in all types of styles, from the traditional to the truly unique cupolas that will add grace and elegance to your rooftop.

The Governor Cupolas also come with a copper or aluminum roof and are triangular tipped up in design. They are vented to allow air to escape.

The word cupola comes from the Latin meaning of “little cupo” or little dome, but we are familiar with the wonderful wooden cupolas or American barns or stables and the elegant cupolas on most public buildings. In fact, installing cupolas atop a barn allows continual air to dry the hay stored high in the barn. Old Yankee farmers referred to cupolas as “a roof over a hole in the roof.”

The Governor Cupolas are recommended for a large home or commercial building and add increased value to your home, as well as charming accents.

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