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Coper Louver Cupolas

Copper Louver Cupola
Copper Louver Cupola

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In architecture, a cupola is described as a small dome, often resembling an overturned cup, placed on a circular, polygonal or square base, or on small pillars. Cupolas are used as a crown on roofs, turrets or domes themselves. The word cupola is a noun, derived from the Latin “cupola” and meaning “cup.” Copper Roof cupolas describe the tops found on dozens of cupola designs, from the presidential style to cupolas constructed of fiberglass or vinyl. It was not long after cupolas began gaining popularity, during the 8th century in Islamic countries, that Copper Roof cupolas began to appear. Architects found that the addition of copper to the tops of cupolas or domes brought an eye-catching appeal to the building or structure.


The top portion of Copper Roof cupolas may be constructed entirely of this metal, or copper may only be used as a covering for the wood, fiberglass or vinyl dome itself (known as copper plate roof top). Complex curved surfaces and multi-faceted designs can easily be formed in copper, thus rendering it a very desirable material for this application. As copper ages, it turns from its natural reddish brown color to a darker brown-black color and, finally, to an attractive soft dark green/turquoise color (similar to that of the Statue of Liberty).

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