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Charleston Cupola

Charleston Cupola

Cupolas can be dome-shaped structures that are placed on buildings’ roofs to provide extra ventilation or to be used as an area where a person can look out to the horizon. Even though the word “cupola” is derived from an Italian word meaning “small tub,” many cupolas actually look like little houses.

You will see cupolas placed on the roofs of many homes and barns today. Cupolas are manufactured from many materials, including the traditional material, wood. You can also find cupolas made from fiberglass or vinyl. The “roofs” of cupolas are made from copper or aluminum. Many people continue the traditional practice of perching weathervanes from cupolas. Besides providing more ventilation, cupolas are attractive and provide an extra dimension to the exterior of homes or barns.

Cupolas are available in many styles. Those that are used for ventilation purposes include a series of louvers to allow the flow of air. Those that are used for “look-outs” include windows. Cupolas are available in several shapes, including square, hexagon, or octagon. Cupolas’ roofs can have concaved sides, can have “straight” sides resembling the “triangular” look of houses’ roofs, or can be bell-shaped. You can find cupolas in several different sizes and colors.

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