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Guide to Cupolas.com
Your Resource For Vinyl and Wood Cupolas
Cupola Resource Since medieval times, architecture accents have graced both the inside and outside of homes and public buildings. Cupolas are no exception. Go back to gothic times, when cupolas that consist of a dome-shaped ornamental structure, located on a larger roof or dome, was primarily used for letting in light or as a lookout. The word “cupola” comes from the Latin meaning “little cupo” or little dome and originally referred to the small domes that topped cathedrals, to let light to enter the sanctuary.

There are many styles and sizes of cupolas to fit your copper or aluminum roof, as well as on the interior of your home, including the underside of cabinets, oven hoods and fireplace mantels.

Having cupolas installed can make your home look more classy and adds lasting value that will be a benefit, if you should sell your home in the future. There are various cupolas to choose from, depending on the décor of your home or the look you want on the exterior. The triangular-shaped Governor Cupola, which slides down on all sides, is a beautiful addition to any roof, as well as the Hyde Park, Hampton and Newport. The Manchester is a flat triangular-shaped wood cupola that can add an elegant style to any home’s exterior. The extensive line of Presidential Cupolas combines old wood craftsmanship, as well as new technology to reduce maintenance. In 8th century Islamic, cupolas were used a weather shields, when placed over a minaret, to allow venting for mosques, while keeping weather out. In some cases, the entire main roof of the tower or spire can form a single cupola, on such places as cathedrals, from ancient Rome, where St. Peter’s Basilica is located, to modern-day mansions. Whichever cupola you choose, you can be assured of excellent craftsmanship, with beautifully detailed designs in a rich hard wood.

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